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Consolidated Insurance to a New and Powerful Brower Insurance Agency







Consolidated Insurance which is located in Springfield, Ohio finally made it up after its finalization three years ago to merge with another insurance agency. After the merger Consolidated Insurance was now operating under a new name which is Brower Insurance Agency LLC. The unification of these two agencies happened last December 2008 and surely backed up with visions for more improvements in the future.




Every business entity should have its own unique identity so that customers will be able to identify and remember them all throughout. One factor that serves this identity unique is the concept of branding. The fresh Brower Insurance Agency LLC was the brand output which aims to renew its identity so that it will be able to generate attention especially in the regional concerned market areas. According to Andy Bell, who is a member of the executive group, one of the chief of the newer agency and who was once a Consolidated Insurance member states that the new branding initiative will enable the company to soar higher to its further developments in the future.

The new identity has changed to Brower and so with its insignia as well. These changes may be common nowadays since most of other companies are doing it for good. The good thing with Brower is that they maintained the roots of their company still operating in Springfield were it can have the full potential of intensifying its man power to further cater the ever expanding volume and size of its business after the merging initiative.

The three aces of the agency, Andy Bell, Doug Paugh and Hal Goodrich will be still working in North Limestone Street in Springfield. The idea of preserving the office on the same location will be a great advantage for the company even if a new name was on it because they already have a strong and good reputation established on that area.

The company’s further expansion will not be a problem anymore since they have roots on a very reputable source. Brower Insurance Agency LLC which was founded in 1935 is a proud member of the Assurex Global Network. Today as it grows bigger, it has key offices in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Springfield all from Ohio.






Richardson-Cuddy Taken Over By Massachusetts-based Farrell Backlund Agency


Farrell Backlund Insurance Agency, a unit of Bristol County Savings Bank located in Taunton, Massachusetts, has purchased Richardson - Cuddy Insurance Agency located in the nearby city of Attleboro.

According to the announcement, this deal has made the company one of the largest independent property/casualty agencies in Southeastern Massachusetts. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Farrell Backlund, Don Backlund, advertised that the deal would allow his firm to finally actualize its long-time goals of expanding into the surrounding area of Attleboro.

Even though Richardson - Cuddy has integrated itself into Farrell Backlund, it will still maintain its own name brand. It will continue providing service from its local offices in downtown Attleboro.

The respectable president of Richardson - Cuddy, Mark Cuddy, will maintain his post in the newly interfused agency. He will become part of the newly merged agency’s ownership team. 

Cuddy promises that Richardson - Cuddy’s employees and customers will also benefit from additional resources from Farrell Backlund and Bristol County Savings Bank.

According to the announcement, this deal ties together two like-minded insurance agencies that both have served in their respective communities for generations to generations. As a matter of fact, Farrell Backlund is already sixty one years old (61 yrs old) while the Richardson - Cuddy Insurance Agency is already one hundred forty two years old (142 yrs. old), one of Attleboro’s’ oldest businesses.

In almost instances, the fusion of two powerful companies just like Richardson - Cuddy is sometimes needed to raise the quality of the service.  As well said, the two companies will still be able to serve their clients and employees by enhancing the agency's utmost service.

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 After Receiving Insurance Quotes From Car Insurance Companies

The extreme way to insure that you get the best insurance is to continue the online examination. Additionally, one may acquire further options and features that would ordinarily get been unmentioned.

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Other arch aim to screw comment of would be the bouffant number of possibilities to get discounts. In whatever cases it is necessary to enquire offline providers for additional elements to assure extremum savings. Strike note that offline insurance providers cannot work online rates; hence, in most cases, purchasing insurance online is cheaper.

Insurance Programs
Time scrutiny rates online, it's a moral air to adjudicate the budget dedicated to the acquire of insurance insurance. With all companies disagreeable their unexcelled to increment customers, one may easily bury how such budget he has for insurance and end up with solon expenses than initially foreseen. It is therefore principal to undergo when to fall careful offers.

Compare Insurance Online



Thanks to the cyberspace, scrutiny quotes is continually decorous easier and more convenient. For warning, online comparability websites furnish unbound online insurance quotes poised from septuple car insurance agencies.

On the another deal, net has also specified birth to thousands of million possibilities, thus making the net pick more much laborious and time-consuming, as each of these change thousands of varying possibilities feature their good and bad sides..